Embedded Conference Finland 2022

Event - Date: 06.09.2022 - 06.09.2022
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Join us at Embedded Conference Finland 2022 in Helsinki on the 6th of September.

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Come visit our exhibition booth and hear our keynote speaker, Antti Tolvanen, talk about the subject "Embedded cyber security is a horizontal legal requirement in EU by end of 2024", and technical presentation from Jon Linden, CEO of Ekkono Solutions AB, on the subject of Edge Machine Learning.

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Event description

ECF22 will focus on security. The subject is again - sadly - very topical. The number of cyber attacks has further increased since Russia launched its war on Ukraine. The attacks target authorities, government agencies, factories, IoT devices and ordinary users.

Security must be involved in all design from hardware to software, firmware upgrades and all processing of data. It is up to the companies to design the equipment so that this is possible. This places new demands on OEMs, embedded card vendors, software solutions, and design tools. No part of the chain should fail. ECF22 focuses on these solutions.

As before, attending the event is free for visitors.


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