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Event - Date: 20.06.2022 - 22.06.2022
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Come join us at S1000D User Forum in Washington at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington! Visit us and learn what Etteplan has to offer for your product development.

The joint event for the S1000D User Forum and the ATA e-Business Forum aim to “Drive value through effective information sharing” – meet us there!

Etteplan will be an exhibitor at the event, represented by Berry Braster to talk about Compliance with Simplified Technical English (STE) for aviation and defense professionals with HyperSTE.

HyperSTE contributes to clarity, consistency, and reduction of the English source text in order to ensure clear and unambiguous technical texts that meet the highest quality requirements.

Complying with Simplified Technical English ASD-STE100, or Simplified Technical English (STE), is a specification that your technical publications may have to comply with as part of your S1000D requirement. Having implemented STE for over 20 years, Berry will explain how to make the implementation process as smooth and effective as possible, using case studies and ROI examples from over 2 decades of experience and having trained over 3200 technical writers and engineers around the world.

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Read more about HyperSTE at Etteplan.




To learn more, please contact Berry Braster-

Berry Braster, Technology Director, Technical Documentation at Etteplan
[email protected] - 806-500-9262

Berry has been in technical documentation for nearly 20 years and has helped implement content strategies including the use of DITA and HyperSTE content checker software.

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Berry Braster
Berry Braster
Technology Director
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