Technical Safety Part 1 - Technical Risk Management

Webinar - Date: 15.02.2022 - Time (CET): 13:00
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Technical Safety Webinar

Join Etteplan experts and learn how to take technical safety into account in your plant operations.

This webinar is the first part of a three-part series on technical safety. In this webinar we dive into technical risk management and look at the related three main factors:

• Legislation & directives
• Management systems (ISO 9001) & integration
• Ecosystem's roles definition

In our experience, technical safety is often overlooked and lacks the same level of ownership as for example occupational safety. To take technical safety into account you have to look at multiple factors which we will be going through in this three-part webinar series.


Jari Laurila

Jari Laurila

Project Manager, Team Leader
Engineering Solutions, Etteplan


The webinar will be held in Finnish!

The link to the webinar will be sent one hour before the event starts to everyone registered. Attending the webinar will require you to install a browser based add-on that will start installing after you've opened the link.