Virtual event: Etteplan exhibiting at Mevea Virtual Seminar 2020

Event - Date: 01.10.2020
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Intelligent machine operating as a part of the system!



Are you planning to develop Autonomous Systems or Machines? Or are you developing operator assistive work machines or vehicles?

Do you want to test your control and automation software with the realistic digital machine and system?

If you are interested developing intelligent machines which are integrated and operating as part of the system, you must be interested about digital twin. Digital twin is built to behave and operate as a real physical counterpart. With this kind of digital twin we can train the operator of the intelligent machines, but even more we can develop new control systems to help the operator and develop algorithms for autonomous solutions.

Etteplan is participating in Mevea Virtual Seminar, where you can hear real use cases of Digital Twin from industrial leaders. But you can also hear how digital twins are used with functional safety and machine learning application development.


Visit our virtual stand and find out about how:

  • Digital twin is utilized effectively as part of operator training, which is combined with well-planned learning systems and eLearning paths.
  • Digital Twin gives excellent opportunities to develop and evaluate electric powertrain combined with Batteries
  • Digital Twin is used to generate dynamic loads from real operating conditions into strength calculations and fatigue analysis.
  • Digital Twin gives an excellent and effective test environment for automation and control software testing.
  • Digital Twin can utilize real time operation data collected through Private network. Combining collected data with Digital Twin data enables predict the near future.

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