Webinar - Efficient IoT solutions based on LoRaWAN and Arm Mbed technologies

Webinar - Date: 21.02.2019 - Time (CET): 09:00
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Recording from this seminar can be watched in Etteplan Youtube channel here!


Are you working with embedded systems or IoT devices? Are you familiar with ARM MBED? We are following up our “Build with Mbed – Exploring LoRa” webinar with a new session that will be broadcasted live from Etteplan office in Wroclaw, Poland On Feb 21st 09:00-10:40 a.m. CET.

The LoRa low power wide area networking solution is gaining space. It is being used in a wide range of applications. More hardware solutions supporting LoRa are available and the cost is decreasing.

But how to effectively create a LoRaWAN application running on the HW? What tools and methods are available, and how should the application be configured for the LoRaWAN network?







Jan Jongboom, Arm
Jan Jongboom is an embedded engineer and Developer Evangelist IoT at Arm, always looking for ways to connect more devices to the internet. He has shipped devices, worked on the latest network tech, climbed upon buildings to install gateways and there's a monument in San Francisco with his name on it. He's a member of the LoRa Alliance Technical Committee. 


Johan Stokking, The Things Network
Johan Stokking is tech lead and co-founder of The Things Network. Together with a strong community, he is on a mission to build an open, crowd sourced and decentralized internet of things data network. The city of Amsterdam was covered in six weeks. Global coverage is next. 
Johan started The Things Network in the summer of 2015 with Wienke Giezeman. With more than 700 communities worldwide, crossing 6000 gateways globally, they are committed to build the global network together with the community. 

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