Hanna Remula Career story

Hanna Remula: Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it

The best way to describe Hanna? Trail Blazer. Starting off her career at Etteplan as a UX designer Hanna was given the freedom to explore her interests in the field. Currently, Hanna Remula is the Leader of the Global Service Design competence group – bringing the great minds together among these competencies. She is also working as Design Strategist and so stands as an important member of the Business Development team of Cloud and Applications Business Unit for which she was asked to join. What makes Hanna’s story truly unique is that her career path was never laid out, Hanna never waited for opportunities – she created them. 

“It has been great to see how I have been able to create my career path in Etteplan based on my own interests during the years.” 



Hanna shares the top 3 things that have allowed her to get to where she is today: 

  1. Prioritization 

  1. Collaboration 

  1. Open path and open mind 

“There are always possibilities for those who try.”  


As a large company that is continuously growing and evolving, Etteplan also creates space for its people to grow. Clear career paths are open to those who want them, but there is also room for those want to create their own. Hanna is an example of someone who decided to follow her curiosities and aspirations, paving the way for others.  

“My work is really interesting and meaningful, the business is constantly growing which means we are always looking for all kinds of people to join us.”, explains Hanna. 

As a company fueled by innovation and growth, Hanna feels that all fresh ideas are welcomed and that her knowledge and interest towards several fields is encouraged through the support of colleagues.  

“With design thinking we are aiming for growth opportunities through insight and data-driven methods. I am inspired by the end-to-end possibilities that we can offer in Etteplan for the customers.”

In an environment that is constantly changing, Hanna emphasizes the urgency of coming up with new solutions and innovations.  

“With multicompetent teams we are reframing complex problems and aim for valuable, future-proof solutions.” 

As a person, Hanna is empathetic and has never-ending curiosity towards world, how it works, and how she can make an impact. With an interest in food, nature, gardening and reading, Hanna keeps herself busy.  

“I could also say that learning is one of my hobbies. I have an inquiring mind and a thirst to learn new things within different fields. Currently I am excited about futures thinking, systemic design and change facilitation – learning the best ways to combine futures thinking and strategic design and leadership fields to find innovative approaches for solving challenging problems that customers face.” 

Keeping her mind sharp and fresh is contributes to Hanna’s successes, there is no “end-goal” which is what makes her career and her future so bright and exciting.