Michal Latuszek

Meet Michał Latuszek

How does an automotive software engineer relax? By ditching the car and hopping on a bike. Michał Latuszek knows exactly what he does and why he does it, but he needs to check about his official job title. “It says I’m a software design engineer,” he laughs. “That sounds about right.” To be specific, Michał’s expertise is automotive software. He helps Etteplan’s automotive industry customers get their solutions to work as planned.

“I do AUTOSAR configuration work, some software design, debugging and maybe a bit of coding. In addition to the project work I am doing extra development on my code writing skills. In particular I am interested in C++ and Python, he says. “One example of a project I’ve worked on was helping to develop assisted driving solutions. My part was configuring AUTOSAR, basic software which is located below the application layer.”


Michał has worked in automotive software for several years. AUTOSAR, the standardised software framework for the automotive industry, is one of his specialties. He received his education at the Poznań University of Technology in his native Poland and worked for two major companies in Europe. He joined Etteplan in the autumn of 2019 and is now based in Poznań, Poland.

“My career goal is to be an expert in the automotive software field. There really weren’t that many embedded software companies in the industry in my home city. I wanted to live in Poznań because my family lives here,” Michał explains. “I saw a great opportunity with Etteplan, who were building a talented team in this sector. It is really a nice challenge and a great place to develop my skills.”

A typical day is never typical. Sometimes he is working with his team; sometimes he is working alone. But there are a few things which occur on a daily basis.

“Our team has a daily meeting, where we talk about what we did yesterday and our plans for today,” Michał says. “We talk about any problems we might be having and focus on our current tasks.”

He also has a good relationship with his immediate supervisor and meet regularly.

“I’ve worked in places where I didn’t feel that I could go to my manager. That doesn’t happen here. There is no barrier between us and it is very easy to speak with him,” says Michał. “Everyday my team and manager have a fifteen-minute virtual coffee where we can just relax and talk about anything.”

Michał enjoys working with Etteplan and praises the culture.

“Etteplan questions the status quo,” he says. “We think differently. We are innovative.”

But enough about his day job. What does he like to do in his free time?

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic began I’ve gotten into cycling,” Michał says. “I really like mountain biking, but I also do road cycling. It is great to leave the office and cars behind and jump on a bicycle. It really refreshes my mind.”

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