Stella Latifi: Diversity as a key to a prosperous team

Stella Latifi is a Team Manager in Etteplan’s newly established Software and Embedded Solutions department in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her mission is to build, develop and set the strategy for this new unit. Etteplan’s Software and Embedded Solutions refers to all product development services and technology solutions that enable the digital connectivity of machinery or equipment as part of Internet of Things (IoT).

Before joining Etteplan, Stella worked over 14 years in the automotive sector as a manager and leader in different departments within connectivity. Stella shares that she thanks her studies at Chalmers university for giving her a great foundation in leadership as well as problem solving, which led to her successful career in the industry.

When Stella started wondering about her next career move, Etteplan stuck out from other companies in the industry because of the way Etteplan worked. She understood and appreciated the different and unique approach Etteplan has towards the industry, therefore chose to join Etteplan in its journey of growth within Software and Embedded solutions. Since joining just a couple of months ago, Stella has already reached some milestones; to name one, she has hired a team of highly experienced and diverse engineers within a field of Embedded systems.

“It feels like I have worked here for years, even though I’ve only been here for a couple of months!” says Stella.

Having a diverse team is very important to Stella and to Etteplan as well, as it brings a unique and different package of knowledge and experience to Etteplan and its customers. This is one of the reasons Etteplan can deliver on its motto – ”Engineering with a difference”.

“I strongly believe that my knowledge, experience and ambition can contribute to the prosperity of both myself and my team at Etteplan”, Stella shares.

To deliver that unique package of knowledge to the customers, Stella continuously works on the development of her skills as well as on the competencies of her team members by encouraging sharing the know-how between the team members, where more experienced coworkers share their experiences, as the more junior members share their ideas and enthusiasm for new tools and programs. This collaboration not only gives a chance of learning to all the team members, but also naturally creates a bond between them, which is a very important factor in building a completely new team. Stella strongly believes in learning and sharing knowledge within the team because that is also a vital part of being able to offer edge-cutting solutions to the industry.