Tessa Kelder Etteplan Career story

Tessa Kelder: It is all about the work life balance

Tessa Kelder, Technical Documentation Specialist, has been working for Etteplan in The Netherlands since January 2020. After finishing her Master’s degree in Translation in Theory and Practice at Leiden University, Tessa found the vacancy for Junior Technical Writer at Etteplan. The job description was diverse, challenging, and interesting, which caught her eye straight away. 

Tessa’s linguistic background helped her fit in the company right away. Even as a new employee, it was evident to Tessa that her creative input is appreciated and taken seriously. By working on various projects, she got to know multiple people within the company.  

“All co-workers have been very kind and helpful when I started in 2020, and it is rewarding to be able to do the same thing for the new colleagues and project members,” she tells smilingly.  

Tessa started on an interesting project quickly after the training. Etteplan's team of authors and illustrator create instruction manuals and manage all kinds of technical content for the customer. 

“You would probably never know how much expertise goes into creating technical documentation. It is great to be surrounded by experts in the field who are also very happy to share their knowledge,” Tessa tells. 

Tessa works four days a week which allows her to have work-life balance suitable for her needs. Etteplan is known as a company that values great work-life balance and Tessa is a great example of fulfilling that promise. 

“At Etteplan both employee and employer value each other’s time usage, which means I get to develop my expertise at work and in my hobbies.”  

Even though Tessa enjoys her work and has a fulfilling career, it is great to have time for hobbies and family. Music and sports have been an important part of Tessa’s life for as long as she can remember. She has been singing in an indie rock band for ten years now. Her band members have known each other since high school.  

“The plus side of working 80% time is having time for music, family and sports. On Fridays, I visit my grandmother with my mom. Later that night I go to band practice”, she says. 

Music is a way of enjoying creativity and having a counterbalance to work. Tessa encourages her co-workers all around the world to invest in their own meaningful free time hobbies. 

“I have taken part in ‘EtteplanGO’, a motivating sports challenge, where all Etteplan employees can participate. Doing sports is also a great way to clear your head from working hard. I suggest everyone to find a passion to even out the work-life balance. Whether it is working out, music or completely something else it is good for you to do something totally different from your everyday work.”