Energy and power transmission

Renewable energy and reducing the customer’s energy footprint and the total costs of energy are in the core of Etteplan’s extensive expertise in Energy and Power Transmission. We have world-class expertise in energy storage solutions as well as in developing emission technologies. Design of offshore ships and platforms is also included in our expertise.

From power generators to fully fledged solutions for green energy

Our Energy Sector customers have improved their equipment design process, product data management system and component information with Etteplan’s expertise. Thanks to long-term customer relationships we have a wealth of knowledge in the design engineering requirements for industrial gears, steel structures, power generators, wind turbine components, supply transformers, substation automation, frequency converters and many more.

We meet the stringent requirements for technical documentation in offshore industry

Design of offshore ships and platforms is part of our expertise areas. Our expertise covers Finite Element Analysis and Modelling (FEM/FEA) for different steel structures which includes, for example, ultimate strength, stability and dynamic response calculations and analysis.


Our technical documentation services meet the requirements of the Shipdex™ Protocol, which was developed to standardize the technical and logistical data within the international shipping community. We support our customers to comply with the Shipdex™ Protocol by technical writing (Simplified Technical English) and technical illustration (Simplified Technical Illustrations) methods as well as advanced information systems and software tools. The value for the customer is based on high-quality data that is easy to manage and reuse across different publications both in print and online.

Customers in Energy Sector


Etteplan serves power stations using nuclear, wind, wave, hydro, peat, coal, oil, natural gas and solar energy as well as power transmission customers using High Voltage AC and DC transmission. We have helped ABB, Andritz, Metso Power, Siemens Energy, Alstom Grid and many more to gain quality improvements as well as process and product cost efficiency.

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“We are in the business of production and distribution of electricity. For us it makes business sense to outsource technical documentation to Etteplan. We can rest assured that our technical documentation is top class and fulfills all industry standards.”


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Lars-Erik Djupenström, Manager Process & Engineering, Fortum Värme