Electrification in off-road and heavy industry

Let’s electrify heavy-duty and off-road vehicles!

What do you need to know to make heavy duty vehicles run on batteries?

Vehicles and heavy machinery in mining, construction, agriculture, forestry, and material handling are in transformation: from combustion engines to electricity. Also, boats, ships, and airplanes are being electrified. What kind of expertise is needed?

This e-guide leads you through rapidly evolving and challenging business of electrification in off-road and heavy industry.

Making battery-powered vehicles safe and efficient is a complex challenge. Etteplan’s electrification experts have outlined both the possibilities and the underlying risks. The e-guide also offers a glance to new standards and regulations in the field.

This e-guide covers the following topics:

  1. Batteries: From thermal management to fast charging and electrical drivelines
  2. Five risks in electrification
  3. Regulatory requirements – legislation, standards, and cybersecurity
  4. Electrification as a Service

The e-guide also includes use cases from Epiroc and Danfoss.

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