Simplified Technical English

Improve branding, save costs and engage customers through content quality

Content that is clear, concise and consistent not only saves cost, it provides end users with engaging content that is easy to understand. With product information becoming more complex and bulky, the use of clear and consistent writing has become an absolute necessity. English has become the main language used in technical documentation throughout the world, but can be difficult to understand due to its many forms and complexity: complex sentence structures, multiple meanings and synonyms easily result in confusion.

In addition, many readers’ command of English can fall below the level of those who created the documentation (technical writers and engineers), which especially applies to non-native English speakers. Simplified Technical English (STE) is a controlled language that standardizes vocabulary and style, aiming to improve consistency, eliminate ambiguity and reduce complexity. It also provides objective criteria for quality control.


  • Safe product use
  • Reduced localization & translation costs
  • Improved translation quality
  • More effective customer service
  • Lower training support costs
  • Improved user experience
  • Less support calls
  • Reduced risk of liability claims


Etteplan offers the following services and solutions to implement STE:

  • Training courses
  • Dictionary building services, to standardize on industry and company specific terminology
  • HyperSTE, the leading content checking software for compliance

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