Klaudia Kluewska

Klaudia Kulewska: from a conversation to a career opportunity

Klaudia Kulewska started off as a student of automation and robotics at University of Technology in Poznań, Poland. The story about connection her with Etteplan began with her searching for an internship. She got one in her hometown, Wocławek, in some local company, but she felt she didn’t belong there. As the time for the final choice of internship approached, Klaudia referred to the University’s Career and Internship Centre. 

However, it was while travelling from Poznań, she met Wiktor who worked at Etteplan. Thanks to him she got details about the recruitment of interns for positions at a nearby Etteplan office. He told her about the internship program and so Klaudia shifted her internship in Włocławek in favor of an internship at Etteplan in Poznań. To this day she thinks it was a great decision, "What I liked most during the internship was the fact that I was involved in a project for the client right from the start and took part in real tasks. I didn’t have any imagined internship assignments, but went straight to the topics that were intended for the employees. Of course, I had a mentor who introduced me to everything and watched over my internship." 

Klaudia enjoyed the working atmosphere from the very beginning.When the internship was over, Klaudia was offered a job at Etteplan. However, she was still studying which is how she decided to combine her studies with her professional life, first half-day, then ¾- day. After graduating, she started to work full time as a Software Design Engineer in Poznań

"The people in the office are fantastic, open-minded and helpful. In a place like this you want to work and work together."

However, this openness is not only typical of workers in Poland but also abroad. She had contact with people in Finland, Sweden, the USA, China and India. "I love to get to know other cultures. Now I am with this every day. We talk with colleagues about projects, but also about customs and traditions that are typical of countries or regions. I particularly remember when I first heard about Midsommar, where the Swedes meet on the shortest night to organize games for the whole family. It’s really fascinating." says Klaudia. 

Klaudia’s work in the Etteplan also gives her a great sense of accomplishment. For four years she has learnt a lot and can see the results for herself. "I worked in medical devices, including disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments. When you work with the hardware, you can see that it positively changes someone else’s world and makes a process better and more effective. It’s really rewarding."