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Kristiina Einola: Career transitions enabling new perspectives

Kristiina Einola

Kristiina Einola started at Etteplan in 2005, originally as a Project Engineer in delivery planning. However, Kristiina was already interested in Human Resources at the time, and in 2018 a position as HR specialist opened up in her city, Tampere, Finland. The changes in Kristiina’s role did not end there. Kristiina also worked in the IT department as a leader of a robotic process automation project, from where she then returned to the HR team as Manager with responsibilities for occupational health and well-being. Nowadays Kristiina works as a Department Manager of Technical Communication Solutions (TCS) where she started in January 2023.

When Kristiina was given the opportunity to become a Department Manager, she did not, in her own words, have to think for a second about accepting the position.

“After all, I like being close to the customers and business the most. I had been thinking of returning back to the business side for a long time,” Kristiina reveals.

Boldly for the new roles

 Kristiina shares that she is the type of person who likes to look at things from the wider perspective, from different angles. Her studies in Industrial engineering prepared her to go in many different directions, and Kristiina has made the most of it.

Kristiina currently leads a team of about 30 people, which includes various smaller teams. According to Kristiina, a multilevel team is at the same time an opportunity and a challenge. “Within TCS in Tampere we have two other departments, so employees move between the teams between assignments. The team concept is therefore quite flexible.”

At the moment with the new role, Kristiina is getting the hang of a big client for which she has a coordinating responsibility within TCS in Finland. “In addition, the new role includes a wide variety of practical supervisor work and discussions with the employees. There is still a lot of exploring and seeing in which way we are heading to,” Kristiina says.

According to Kristiina, the most interesting part of her new role is the professional growth and being able to see business from a whole new point of view.

“I like new challenges, and this is exactly that. In this position, I can develop operations, and myself in many directions. I will not be bored,” Kristiina states.

Openness promotes career transition

Kristiina thinks that the most rewarding part of her long career at Etteplan is that she has to see and experience different roles and projects always from new perspectives. Kristiina says that Etteplan supports personal development, but you also have to be active and open in expressing your own wishes.

”People should be open about what they want and what feels like their own thing and tell their supervisor about it. Etteplan always aims to support career transitions when they are possible,”

Kristiina describes Etteplan as a growing company that can accommodate a wide range of employees. “We have seniors and juniors who all fit perfectly in the same company and through those skills we grow new opportunities. I also like that Etteplan is a large and international company where we have opportunities for career transitions and where we move forward and develop our operations.”