Michael Born

Michael Born: A strong sense of togetherness

Michael Born started in 2016 as a translation manager in Ottobrunn, Germany which was still Cognitas at the time. He was initially responsible for general translation projects, supporting Japanese customers, training new employees, and further developing the language area (e.g. processes, terminology, and machine translation). In the meantime, he made short trips into the editorial department in the field of information technology.

In 2021, Michael took on the role of Group Manager for Translation Management before taking over the IM5 Group in April 2022. In his current role as Group Manager, he plans and manages projects for a major customer in the engine and mechanical engineering sectors. In order to give Michael the opportunity to develop linguistic topics and the resulting services beyond his Group Manager role, he has also been working as a Language Technology & Solution Architect since 2022, primarily supporting the various groups of the internal language service in their work.

As the central point of contact for the development and further development of language services, he develops concepts in technical documentation as well as in the areas of terminology, translation, and language testing. Together with the two groups of the internal language service, the language service for technical editing is constantly being developed further. In one major project, for example, HMI (Human Machine Interface)  texts were revised to better support users in the operation of machines from the mechanical engineering sector.

Michael finds the planning, introduction and ongoing development of machine translation, which has been running since 2019 and now includes 14 language combinations, particularly interesting. Seeing what can be achieved as a team makes him proud.

The move to Etteplan was only a small leap compared to the development he has already undergone. As Translation Manager, he was able to actively develop his area and bring new procedures and processes to life. In his new role, he is now given the opportunity to drive innovation, and the freedom to implement.

However, Michael is not only committed to his job, but also his other interests. Since the winter semester of 2018, he has been teaching at the Language Institute in Munich (SDI), first in the bachelor's degree program "Translation Management and Quality Assurance" and now, since the winter semester of 2022, in the master's degree program in Translation, the use of CAT tools and the question "How do I find the right tool for my translation processes in the company?”

Beyond that, the greatest thing for him is his hobby Mantrailing with his dog Rikku - he spends most of his time with her.

By being able to plan his working day flexibly despite core working hours, the work-life balance works for him.

Michael looks positively into the future with Etteplan: "I have many good ideas that are taken seriously by my superiors. Therefore, I believe that I will continue to make progress here and leave my mark."

"The people here are not just colleagues who have to work together, but actively want to."

Michael explains, "The environment is family-like; if someone needs help, a solution is always sought, even if it means having to share important resources ourselves. In the end, we're a team, regardless of department." He adds, "It's a strong sense of togetherness instead of against each other. The colleagues and the opportunity to contribute drive Michael.