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Pei Yi Soh: Encouraged to explore

Since January 2020 Pei Yi Soh has been working at Etteplan. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in Malaysia, she moved to The Netherlands and earned her master's degree from the University of Eindhoven. Pei Yi is now a mechanical engineer located at Etteplan’s office in Son, Netherlands

A little more than a year after finishing her studies, Pei Yi started as Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) where her tasks included ensuring the delivery of quality products and facilitating and maintaining relationships with suppliers.  

“I cannot stress enough how important the advice and support from my manager has been when I was deciding on the next step in my career path,” Pei Yi. 

Etteplan wants its employees to aim for career growth and when Pei Yi voiced her interest to switch to her current role as a mechanical engineer, the company and the management had her back. 

Pei Yi’s current role as an engineer includes defining requirements based on customer needs, developing concepts and design, testing and qualifying design, and defining test equipment, to name a few.

“I am now on the other side of the product development process, which I find incredibly fascinating.” 

Through her time at Etteplan Pei Yi has been able develop her technical knowledge, which she gained not only from working on a range of projects, but also through the training that has been provided for her role. The company’s commitment to strive for high quality and integrity aligns with Pei Yi’s personal values which has made for a perfect match.

“I really enjoy working at Etteplan, besides colleagues who are friendly and always willing to help, management is open to feedback, and I can count on my manager for supporting us with our career growth,” Pei Yi says. 

Etteplan working hours are somewhat flexible to the extent that Pei Yi can work more on a day when she is feeling more productive, and vice versa. This helps with motivation, productivity, to ensure sharp focus during working hours, and a good work life balance. 

Pei Yi really enjoys the challenges her current job brings and seeing the end products always gives a sense of fulfillment that is a unique feature in her role. When asked about the future Pei Yi says she sees her role continuously developing to ensure high quality work and tackling innovative challenges.  

“I am really looking forward to seeing where that leads our work in the coming years,” Pei Yi says with a big smile on her face.