The Impact of IoT on Technical Documentation

Webinar - Data: 10.08.2017 - Czas (CET): 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
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For many manufacturers, the service (after-market) business is becoming more important as they are looking to improve customer satisfaction and service-related profitability. However, the cost of service has proven to be very high and maintenance issues are often dealt with inefficiently; a service engineer often still needs to go onsite to inspect the problem, order spare parts and then go back… More a second time to perform the actual maintenance.

Moreover, research found that it takes a service engineer up to 50% to troubleshoot an issue as maintenance information is either difficult to find, use or understand due to the way it’s delivered, for instance in the form of complex and ambiguous content in lengthy PDF files.

Through smart, connected products thanks to Industrial Internet solutions, manufacturers and service organizations will be able to collect, analyze and capitalize on the data gathered from the use of their products: from early problem identification to predictive maintenance to generating new revenue streams.

During this 45 min session Berry Braster will discuss how a solid content strategy (allowing for dynamic and augmented service information delivery) combined with IoT strategies will improve the profitability in the service business in both the short and long term.