Allaway more than tripled the range of their smart vacuum cleaner with Etteplan’s support

Allaway Oy is a Finnish company which manufactures Allaway central vacuum cleaning systems and Ufox air humidifiers. Its factory and offices are located in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. The Allaway central vacuum cleaning system has hundreds of thousands of users, and it is the most popular central vacuum cleaner brand in Europe.

Allaway offers high-quality products with a long service life for domestic use and for more demanding professional use. Allaway develops, manufactures, markets and sells high-quality central vacuum cleaning systems and air humidifiers.

Allaway manufactures Europe’s most popular brand of central vacuum cleaners in their category. Their products, especially the Z-series represents a modern IoT-device with smart connectivity. This top-of-the-line product has a remote embedded into its handle that connects to a central unit allowing for effortless control. With truly smart features, the vacuum is also compactible with home automation and ventilation systems.

Customer satisfaction is key for Allaway, especially when it comes to the range and reliability of their products. Hence, Allaway partnered with Etteplan in order to maximize the range of the device and to ensure connection reliability even through the thick walls of large properties.

Antenna measurements and optimization to maximize range, efficiency and reliability

Etteplan provided antenna measurements and optimization for the central vacuum’s Zi-module, main board and handle antennas. The measurements were done in Satimo Stargate 64 measurement chamber in Jyväskylä, Finland, one of the few such measurement chambers in Finland. Compared to traditional testing, antenna testing with the Satimo measurement chamber can significantly shorten the lead time for a product due to it being a more cost effective and efficient method. For example, the measurement and optimization of Allaway’s antennas took only two days.


Antenna testing_imge_2.png

Antenna performance on the vacuum’s main board


With the results, Etteplan’s experts were able optimize the antennas to ensure their maximum performance. This included changing the antennas’ length, placement and changing the values on matching components. These modifications maximized the innovative product’s efficiency, reliability and range. In fact, the optimization more than tripled the antennas’ range and lowered its power consumption.

Test your antennas in Etteplan Test Laboratory

Antennas are tested in Etteplan Test Laboratory every week. The size range of antennas go from a matchbox sized phone to a full blown welding machine. It can be a readymade antenna or our own design depending on your current configuration. Our expertise allow for not only testing the performance but also optimizing your antennas. Taking into consideration your market and regulatory needs, antenna testing can help you reach a new customer segment and improve your customers’ satisfaction to your product.

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