Developing a range extender device for Pexraytech

Pexraytech is a Otaniemi, Finland based high-tech company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge portable X-Ray imaging systems. Pexraytech makes use of the extensive X-Ray engineering expertise that Finland has, providing innovative and intuitive solutions for two focus areas: Security market and Industrial NDT (Non Destructive Testing). They also offer advanced customized systems to users who need special X-Ray solutions for other applications


Pexraytech’s challenge was to develop a range extender device, intended for remote control of their x-ray equipment from a distance of more than 200 meters. Furthermore, Pexraytech required a solution which would be compatible with all of their product lines. Pexraytech’s core competence is x-ray equipment. Seeing that a range extender requires expertise in wireless and wired connectivity technologies, Pexraytech decided to outsource the development of the range extender to Etteplan, in order to create a world class product.

Pexraytech wanted to work with a partner who is capable of implementing the solution with high quality and professionalism, while minimizing technical risks related to the project. This would in part support future investment decisions and business planning. In short, a world class partner was needed. Etteplan was chosen as a partner due to our superior value offering. Etteplan was capable of adding value through its delivery capabilities and excellent quality standards.

”Etteplan has been a reliable development partner for Pexraytech since the company was founded. Etteplan has been a reliable and easy partner providing guaranteed competence, technical solutions and excellent customer care.”


Smooth implementation thanks to a feasibility study

Etteplan’s solution was to develop a range extender device, compatible with all of Pexraytech’s product lines. The project was started with a feasibility study to clarify the scope of the solution and development project. For a small initial investment, the main market and technical requirements were clarified, system architecture corresponding to these requirements was defined, and main technical risks were mitigated.

The feasibility study included solving issues such as selection of technologies for meeting connectivity distance, data transfer rate, manufacturing cost and life cycle requirements. It also took into consideration global radio device compliance requirements. Ultimately, the feasibility test provided guidelines for the final execution of the device.

The range extender was developed in two prototyping rounds, including one round for corrections. In conclusion, the implementation of the device went well with all functions working.

New device opens up a new market segment in the security sector

In addition to minimizing technical risk and reducing development cost, the feasibility study allowed for predictable development costs. In fact, the project was realized according to initial budget and specifications. Furthermore, by outsourcing the development of the device to Etteplan, Pexraytech was able to focus its R&D resources into its own core product and secure time to market for overall product portfolio.

Above all, the extended operating range is a mandatory requirement for a major customer segment. Hence, meeting the range and data transfer rate requirements  allowed Pexraytech to double its addressable market in the security sector.

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