Expanding test capacity and test system modernization for Ensto

Ensto designs and provides reliable and smart electrical solutions and expertise for electricity distribution networks and buildings. Ensto, an international technology company and a family business, was founded in 1958 and employs ca. 1,350 passionate professionals in Europe, the USA and Asia. Ensto believes in a better life with electricity and a more sustainable tomorrow.

Etteplan and Ensto have a history of projects in the area of testing. Hence, when Ensto needed a new Electrical ageing tester to answer the demands of modern standards, Etteplan was selected for the project. Ensto offers a large selections of passive electrical solutions such as low and medium voltage connectors that need to meet the requirements of standard tests. Additionally, Ensto had the need to expand their testing capacity due to standard compliance and some outdated measurement instruments. In this case, the customer also had to adhere to strict standards which presented a comprehensive selection of specs for the project.

“We needed more capacity and a new generation measurement and control system with a  well-designed user interface,” specifies Janne Lappalainen, Laboratory Manager, Ensto.

Electrical Ageing Tester for low and medium voltage connectors

The solution was an Electrical Ageing Tester implemented by Etteplan according to Ensto’s requirements to electrically age low and medium voltage connectors. The products are tested according to variety of standards which dictate sequence count, measurement frequency and heating parameters. The test system allows the user to select specific standard for each test and manages different standards´ test sequences . Moreover, the Ageing Tester allows for a maximum of 1300 amperes to be driven through the tested products which enables ageing simulation of several years.

The delivery scope included a host controller, test stations and communications between the different test stations. A host controller provides a user interface to manage all test stations and is responsible of collecting and storing all test measurements. Altogether, the test system supports four test stations which can operate independently without host station access after a test sequence is initialized and started.

Tailored solution with flexibility

The implementation of the tester went well, and Ensto received a tailored solution for their testing needs. The Ageing tester is also customizable for Ensto to continue its development.

“The customer had a very exact view on how the Ageing Tester should work and look which made the project implementation very predictable. They had a strong influence on the functionalities of the Ageing Tester, and we were able to tailor the testing system according to their specific specs,” says Christian Rimaila, Team leader, Test Management at Etteplan.

“The targets were achieved well. We could decrease the use of our valuable human resources because of two different control modes. Also, the possibility to choose the right supply voltage and expand the number of measurements has helped us in our daily work. There are also a lot of other valuable details,” Janne concludes.

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