Machine risk assessment tools taken to a new level at Metsä Board

Metsä Board specializes in eco-friendly fresh fiber paperboards, and its products are mainly used in food and consumer product packaging. The company has long been focusing on circular economy solutions to meet customers’ future packaging requirements, such as the traceability of renewable raw materials and the recyclability of packaging. Part of Metsä Group, Metsä Board has altogether eight mills, seven of which are located in Finland.


Safety first

Machine and plant safety has been identified as one of Metsä Board’s top development priorities. Employees and their safety and work satisfaction are at the heart of the safety approach. In the long term, safety is also perceived to have an impact on efficiency and competitiveness.

Metsä Board and Etteplan started cooperation in the area of safety technology when Metsä Board wanted to improve its machine safety. When Etteplan’s safety specialists looked more closely into the customer’s need, it became apparent that Metsä Board would benefit from a more extensive assessment of the risks related to machinery and equipment, accompanied by proposals for measures.

“Etteplan gave us concrete tools to further improve machine safety in our plants. The cooperation with Etteplan’s specialists has helped us survey the risks on a broader basis, and we have received concrete proposals on how to improve our safety performance,” Karvonen says.



Safety technology today is a highly specialized field of expertise, and mastering each and every area is a nearly impossible task. Etteplan’s proposal for a solution went way beyond the initial need, but Metsä Board saw the benefits it would bring:

“Etteplan helps us establish our machine safety improvement needs on a broader basis. Machine and plant safety includes a variety of expertise areas, so partnerships with specialists in various fields are beneficial,” says Ilkka Karvonen, Safety Manager at Metsä Board.

Metsä Board decided to carry out an assessment of the machine safety risks under Etteplan’s direction, with Etteplan establishing the areas of machine safety that need improvement and suggesting solutions for them.

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