NB-IoT based platform for wireless data transfer

Etteplan has developed a data transfer platform that can be used to wirelessly transfer data from a device to a cloud service. The platform, called Banda, is based on Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology.


Etteplan's platform for wireless data transfer, Banda, offers a solution in cases where the manufacturer of a device wants to test whether Narrowband IoT technology can be applied to a product’s wireless connectivity in a cloud solution. An existing product can be connected to the cloud via Banda, or Banda can be used to test the data transfer of a product that is under development at the Proof- of-Concept level. In the final product, Banda technology can be fully integrated into the electronics of the customer’s product.

Development collaboration with Vaisala

The NB IoT demo was developed in cooperation with Vaisala, with Vaisala’s sensor data sent to the cloud as a test run. The solution helps Vaisala to assess the suitability of wireless Narrowband IoT data transmission technology with its products and applications. 

“We are testing out various wireless solutions on our sensors. We are seeking low-power solutions that are easy for our customers to use. With Etteplan, we received expertise in implementing NB IoT technology and a fast and low-cost solution for field testing,” says Jani Marjamaa, R&D Program manager of Vaisala. “We have been very pleased with the collaboration and positively surprised at how fast the development work has progressed.”

Low-power and cost-effective global data transmission


Narrowband IoT is today’s buzzword in wireless data transfer technology, and great expectations have been placed on it. NB IoT is a particularly interesting solution when it involves connecting a large number of devices to the cloud and the data volumes are low. Cost-effective connection to the cloud demands truly global, long-range and low-power wireless data transmission, where commercial perspectives are aligned with the required volume of data to be transferred. NB IoT is a promising technology for that need, and there is great interest among many device manufacturers to understand the features of the technology and its practical applicability.

Etteplan’s Banda platform software was developed on top of Arm’s MBED OS, which has resulted in high productivity in software development. In addition to a real-time operating system, MBED OS contains ready software interfaces, libraries and device drivers; it also has a good development environment and comes equipped with numerous connectivity features. MBED OS furthermore offers essential capabilities for information security and device management, remote software updates and other needs that arise when using wireless embedded products for commercial purposes.

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