SBT Instruments partnered with Etteplan to create a transimpedance amplifier

SBT Instruments aims to revolutionize the market for bacteria detection by introducing patent-pending technology in a product that performs real-time detection of bacteria in aqueous solutions. Their goal is to supply the food industry, medical industry and the health care sector with a quality control system for a wide range of processes.


Case Overview 

SBT Instruments measures the electrical properties of cells in a liquid using field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and analogue amplifier circuits – fine electronics that extract very small power pulses and translate them into bacterial data. Etteplan (previously TekPartner*) helped SBT Instruments get their transimpedance amplifier to make the correct amplification without smashing the highly sensitive electronics in the measuring cell, while generating enough signal to provide information about the bacteria.

“The range of competences covered by Etteplan is something that we would never be able to have in-house, otherwise we would have to have I don’t know how many electronic engineers who would embrace such a vast number of areas. So, as we grow, I believe that we’ll continue to use Etteplan in one way or another in relation to areas in which we lack internal resources and in which we know they can perform.”

"This range of competencies that we get from Etteplan (previously TekPartner*) is something that we’d never be able to have in-house. Otherwise we’d have to have I don’t know how many electronic engineers who could embrace a large number of things to be able to help us grow bigger. I think we’ll always use Etteplan in one way or another."

Gustav Erik Skands, CEO 

SBT Instruments


*Etteplan acquired Tekpartner in 2021, read more about the acquisition.

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