Etteplan designed next-generation virtual training device for surgical operations

Press release - Published: 10.07.2013 - 07:46:00
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-  Surgical Science’s simulator is breaking new ground in training of medical doctors  

Etteplan and Surgical Science have been co-developing LapSim Haptic System®, the next generation virtual training device from Surgical Science. Surgical Science is a pioneer in the development of virtual reality laparoscopic medical training simulators.

Etteplan was responsible for the mechanical engineering of LapSim Haptic System® unit to meet the high end-user requirements for stability, usability and superior performance. The new training device has been well received by the market: There is practical evidence that the virtual training device considerably develops the skills of medical doctors resulting in improved performance in the operating room.

“The mechanical design of the simulator is very important in creating the right feeling in the virtual operation. We entrusted this part of the project to Etteplan as they have extensive product development expertise and have an in-depth understanding of the medtech industry”, says Christer Johansson, Project Manager at Surgical Science.

For more information, please contact:

Mikael Vatn
SVP, Operations Sweden
Tel. +46 708 81 48 20

Outi-Maria Liedes
SVP, Communications & Operational Development
Tel. +358 40 756 9620

Etteplan in brief

Etteplan provides engineering services and technical product information solutions to the world’s leading companies in the manufacturing industry. Our services are geared to improve the competitiveness of our customers’ products and engineering processes throughout the product life cycle. The results of Etteplan’s innovative engineering can be seen in numerous industrial solutions and everyday products.

In 2012, Etteplan had turnover of EUR 134.5 million. The company currently has about 1,800 professionals in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and China. Etteplan's shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd under the ETT1V ticker.

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