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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Data acquisition from multiple sources is now more efficient than ever before. Internet of Things (IoT) data collection, verification of data/information collected, analysis and effective integration with other information all play key roles in making business activities more efficient.  

For the full-scale use of data, we need analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. These are built cost-effectively by flexibly merging various data acquisition and transfer methods with commercial and public cloud services. 

Key Benefits
Ensuring data security with tried and trusted solutions
Efficient, centralized management of IoT devices
Cost-effective solutions with the help of existing services
Effective use of data with the help of edge computing and AI

IoT solutions making efficient use of existing service offering 

We make efficient use of the existing cloud service offering in IoT solution design, implementation and maintenance. That is how we ensure manageable, cost-effective, data-secure, long life-cycle IoT solutions. 

We have automated several conventional processes, and we know ways to connect the physical world to the cloud, if necessary by developing data terminals in accordance with customers’ needs. Our extensive experience of our customers’ industrial processes, operating environments, industrial automation and embedded systems enable flexible, efficient and holistic solutions. These solutions combine traditional industrial automation and modern cloud environments with the added value they offer. Our operations are guided by data-secure processes and industrial standards, such as IEC-62443. 

Putting the pieces together 

The modern cloud services of today offer a huge number of ready-to-go services. Thanks to well-designed and well-executed data collection, the solutions are easily scalable and data can easily be exploited, for example through analytics and AI. We utilize off-the-shelf solutions, particularly in AWS and Azure-based IoT and edge solutions, all the way from design to implementation and maintenance. If appropriate solutions do not yet exist, we can also develop them to meet your needs. 

Step by step towards appropriate implementation 

An IoT development project is worth beginning with a Proof of Concept (PoC) or pilot stage, ensuring data availability and reliability. It is important to verify the quality of the data collected, for example with analytical methods, to ensure that your business can benefit from the information obtained from it. 

When the data availability and value have been verified, the implemented PoC solution is exported to production. This stage can use the capacity offered by cloud services and scale the service to a global level without significant changes to the implementation itself. However, what is essential in the continual development and improvement of an IoT solution is to proceed step by step. The data platform must be easily scalable and manageable to allow for the constant addition of IoT and other data sources. 

Etteplan has developed a solution platform of its own, EDSI (Etteplan Data Solution for IoT), which can be used to implement IoT data platform projects quickly and cost-effectively. With the help of the platform, the project can hit the ground running and get to grips with the issue itself — verifying the commercial benefits offered by the collected data. 

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