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Mining and Materials Handling

From exploration and drilling to minerals processing, Etteplan’s expertise and services for the mining and materials handling industry cover the entire chain. We can help you improve your product design, production and user processes, product data management and component information.

We feel very confident in Etteplan as trusted service provider. They have the expertise to ensure that our machines and plants comply with all relevant legal requirements for worldwide distribution.
Timo Neumann

Our services for mining and materials handling industry

Etteplan has the capability to assume full responsibility for your product development projects, including project management. Our solutions cover the entire life cycle, ranging from preliminary engineering design through project management and technical documentation to aftermarket and service support solutions.

Our experts have comprehensive insight into the engineering requirements of state-of-the-art mining equipment, thanks to our long-standing customer relationships. Contact us to improve your drilling equipment, exploration drilling, blasting, bolting and spraying, materials handling, minerals processing, recycling, machine life-cycle performance and more.

Etteplan is a trusted partner in the digital transformation process

Digitalizing your production and user processes with the help of the latest technologies, such as 3D printing, digital twin, connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) enables significant improvements in efficiency and safety, and it shortens the time to market. Simulation is a cost-effective solution for shortening engineering lead times and reducing the cost of training. Etteplan's expertise in engineering contributes to the success of digital twin projects. We provide our customers with feasibility studies, product development and product design, stress calculations, installation supervision, commissioning services, maintenance engineering, machine safety and project management.

Etteplan's expertise in the area of Software and Embedded Services consists of, but is not limited to, the design of the control systems, from code to UI, mobile and desktop applications, systems integrations, UX design and software development and data analysis solutions.


Customers we have helped in mining and materials handling

We fulfill high safety requirements for your documentation

Due to the nature of mining and its demanding conditions, safety comes first as far as maintenance, repair and operations of the machinery and plants are concerned. Etteplan has the expertise to ensure that all the technical documentation for the machines and plants comply with high safety requirements. Our services in the area of technical documentation consist of technical writing and illustrations, advanced training materials, including e-learning, VR and AR solutions, visualization design, including, for example, 2D/3D animations and rendering services. Information management and advanced delivery solutions are an essential part of our documentation services.

Operational safety and equipment usability are always critical factors in both equipment design and user training. Etteplan develops and manages a technically advanced e-learning platform that is excellent for training technology users and distributors, and for ensuring and maintaining their know-how. E-learning materials are easy to reuse, as they can be accessed anywhere, anytime.