The growth continues - celebrating 4000 employees at Etteplan!

4000th employee

We have been growing both organically and through acquisitions at an increasingly fast speed. Our investments are paying off and we have now reached the number of 4000 people working at Etteplan globally. It is a great achievement for us to celebrate together!

As Etteplan grows, the company becomes more and more global and it creates a lot of opportunities within the company to grow, learn and maybe even to find opportunities for job rotation in other parts of the organization. The growth also enables people to connect with each other beyond country and Service Area borders.

Our 4000th employee is Johan Jerner Gransten who joined Etteplan to work as a Tech Lead in Software and Embedded Solutions in Linköping, Sweden. 

One of the most important factors that attracted Johan to Etteplan, was the possibility to work more closely with sustainability related projects and in a company that has a clear focus on it. “You can contribute to sustainability in so many ways and as a Tech Lead and a system designer, I can make choices in the systems and products together with other experts that have an impact.” 

When Johan joined the company, he was happily surprised by the hybrid work possibilities that Etteplan offers. He also got an interesting assignment right away which meant working intensively with a new product. Luckily there was also a summer party in Linköping to balance out the hectic start! 

Minna Tornikoski, SVP, HR is delighted by the news. “4000 employees are a great milestone for us. Exceeding the magic round number proves that we are doing things right – special thanks goes to our global recruitment teams, managers and in fact, to everyone for making Etteplan an attractive place to work. Let’s keep going towards even bigger targets while taking care of our growing coworker community.”


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