Innovating new solutions requires diverse employees with a high level of well-being

This is how Etteplan promotes employee engagement and belonging.


Etteplan’s strategic goal is to be an exemplary and attractive employer – a leader in its industry that looks after its employees in the best possible manner. To support the achievement of this goal, Etteplan launched the community-driven Happy DEIs initiative in late 2022 to promote employee engagement, learning, and well-being. DEIs is short for diversity, equity, and inclusion. These concepts reflect Etteplan’s desire to be an attractive workplace for different employees and people representing various backgrounds. Employees with a high level of well-being are Etteplan’s most important asset and source of competitiveness, as highly capable professionals with high well-being are committed to the workplace community and introduce new perspectives and innovativeness to our solutions. In our Code of Conduct, Etteplan is committed to treating people with respect, regardless of their background or other characteristics. Etteplan’s goal is to be a workplace where people feel that they can be themselves, be part of Etteplan’s workplace community, and feel that their voice is heard.


As the world and working life become increasingly diverse, treating everyone equally regardless of their identity and background is even more business-critical than before. Every workplace community can contribute to building a society where everyone’s voice is heard. The aim of the Happy DEIs initiative is for Etteplan employees to feel that they are part of a workplace community in which everyone is important regardless of their background. The impact of Happy DEIs also extends to customer relationships and new innovation: when employees have a high level of well-being, customer relationships become stronger and the company has the ability to offer innovative services to customers. The aim is for the thousands of Etteplan professionals and customers to be treated openly and equally in their customer teams.


At the beginning of 2023, we started a Happy DEIs community on the Yammer application where employees can chat, share their thoughts, and receive peer support. While it has only been in use for a short period of time, the opening of the community has already led to an increase in discussions started by employees. During the year, we will also publish content under the Happy DEIs initiative to increase awareness, and we will organize training and webinars on themes such as diversity and inclusion. More concrete measures for implementing the Happy DEIs initiative are planned for the future.

“The goal is for all of us to feel good at work and for each Etteplan employee to have an equal opportunity to participate in the discussion,” says Etteplan’s Marketing Communications Specialist Karolina Jensen, who is one of the key members of the Happy DEIs community and whose work is focused on sustainability issues, among other things.

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