Juha Näkki - 10 years as the CEO for Etteplan​

President and CEO Juha Näkki answers questions from our personnel

1. In which areas do you see the most opportunities for growth?

There is tremendous potential in our operations. When we leverage our strengths and capabilities in the best possible way, all of our business areas have potential for growth. One example I would like to highlight is the Software and Embedded Solutions service area. It is growing rapidly, driven by digitalization and technological development. In every industry and every area of society, there is a need for software to help move our digitalizing world forward.

2. You have been at Etteplan for 16 years now, with the last 10 as President and CEO. In your view, what are the most significant reasons for coming to work at Etteplan?

We provide people with a unique opportunity to develop their competence by being involved in diverse and changing projects. The changes in projects and the required capabilities mean that our employees accumulate valuable experience from working in different industries and teams. Our global customer base also makes international careers possible.

Over the years Etteplan has developed and renewed itself in a way which has allowed me to continue to find new things to experience and learn. Another important aspect for me is having great colleagues and genuinely fun at work!

3. What is the significance of sustainability for Etteplan?

Sustainability is always present in our work. Our biggest impact on people, the environment and society comes from the work we do with our customers. We develop more efficient, ecological and reliable solutions for our customers. Our customers are interested in the solutions we can offer to help them develop their sustainability. This means that everyone at Etteplan can make sustainable choices at work every day.

The well-being of people – including our employees, customers and partners – is high on our sustainability agenda. We want people to feel that they can be themselves, be part of a team, develop themselves and learn new things.

We continuously develop ways to measure our direct and indirect impacts. We already know the emissions of our business travel and the energy consumption of our offices. In addition to these, we want to identify genuinely impactful indicators on the effect we have through our work with customers.


Juha Näkki

President and CEO

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