Leadership Profiles: Maciej Sibiński

In the Leadership profile series, we aim to highlight our leaders who are living by our values and leading by example by promoting the culture for growth and innovation.

Our next participant is Maciej Sibiński, Vice President Embedded Software & Hardware Solutions based in Wrocław, Poland.

Maciej Sibinski


1. How would you describe yourself as a leader?

“I would describe myself as a leader who helps others to succeed and grow, but also someone who gets things done.” Driven by team spirit, effective decision making, and defining future goals, Maciej’s principles play a role in both his personal and professional life. Maciej’s “Team spirit” originates from sports culture, football and basketball have played a key role throughout his life. 

2. How does Etteplan support leadership and growth?

Etteplan is a growth company – when Maciej joined through an acquisition there were 2300 employees, in comparison to the current 4000+ Etteplanians. “At Etteplan we have both development tools like leadership programs (E-Lead, EtteCoach, Mentoring), but it is also a friendly place to grow. All that makes the professional growth at Etteplan as seamless as it can be.”


3. How would you describe the culture at Etteplan? 

“I like to say that culture is key! Etteplan’s culture is strongly derived from Nordic countries mixed with a creative environment.” Cooperation between colleagues and teams is vital. In practice, what this means for Maciej is an elevated level of respect and transparency in all areas of the organization. “We understand and support creativity and diversity to be able to deliver best results in the project that we work on.” 

4. In what ways do you feel you have an impact on the company culture?

“We’re open to share but also to get feedback, so that we can continuously improve to make sure this a place where we can all thrive.”  Each of us has the responsibility to contribute to the culture, “it’s small things around us like coffee, workplace, or tools but also the bigger picture like personnel engagement, and knowledge sharing.”


5. Our values are: Customer oriented, attractive, and proactive. What do they mean to you?

“I see the values as an equilateral triangle that has employees, customers, and company on the corners and a balance of each of those aspects are needed.” To Maciej, happy employees do an excellent job which supports the success of the projects for customers. “Happy employees and satisfied customers make Etteplan an attractive employer and technology partner.” 

6. How are the values seen in practice?

“At Etteplan we like to support but also challenge ourselves and the customers that we’re working with.” Creating solutions so that strive to improve – not only the developments that we work on but also the entire lifecycle of the project and the professional environment. “Working in the high-tech industry we get to work together to challenge the ‘status quo’. Even a joint coffee with colleagues at work is an opportunity to share latest technological findings or challenges.”   

Wildcard: If you could offer one piece of advice about anything, what would it be?

“The authenticity of the personal relationship plays crucial role. Therefore, just be yourself in both private as well as in professional life.”  

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