Leadership Profiles: Power Ma

In the Leadership profile series, we aim to highlight our leaders who are living by our values and leading by example by promoting the culture for growth and innovation. 

Our next participant is Power Ma, General Manager, Taicang, China.  

Power Ma


How would you describe yourself as a leader? 

I would describe myself as an approachable and collaborative person that prioritizes communication. I pride myself on understanding the importance of the contributions of every member of our team. 
And I believe that setting clear goals and targets also allows us to outline the resources needed to help our teams succeed. 

So, we should support and give power to our teams by encouraging them. Guidance as a leader goes beyond technology, and other assets, but also in their wellbeing. Taking care of your team leads to a strong work ethic and commitment, it is not only about the work but also the balance with life. 

How does Etteplan support leadership and growth? 

During my time at Etteplan there have been several opportunities for e Learnings, and trainings for both employees and managers. I can tell that growth in this way is especially important for all levels at Etteplan.  

Working at Etteplan means that we are working with many kinds of customers, different products, and in different company cultures – so we have the opportunity to learn.  

Looking at other countries such as Sweden and Finland you can see that our country is different, but we can learn from each other and make the most of our differences. 
So connection through training of managers is important because we can find new ways of optimizing ourselves. 


How would you describe the culture at Etteplan? 

The most important voice is an open mind. For collaboration, trust, honest communication, and feedback are the most important. Receiving good and constructive feedback, discussing risks and limitations is part of having an open mind, so our employees are encouraged to take calculated risks.  

Openness is one of the most useful cultures that you can have. 

Looking at other countries such as Sweden and Finland you can see that our culture is different, but we have learned together, and we can learn from each other and make the most of our differences. 
So connection through training of managers is important because we can find new ways of optimizing ourselves. 

In what ways do you feel you have an impact on the company culture? 

I help my employees by providing examples that embody collaboration, openness, approachability, and excellence. We always encourage our team members to share their ideas and opinions, fostering a culture of trust and creating an environment where recognition and positive feedback is given to acknowledge their progress step by step. Our aim is to encourage our members to make future contributions and have a positive impact. We believe in utilizing Personal Development Plans (PDPs) as opportunities to open our minds, discuss goals, and set targets. Each member is unique, and we focus on leveraging their individual strengths and advantages in the upcoming year. 
I want to create a culture where we trust each other by providing recognition and positive feedback. We should recognize that our team members are different and that we focus on their strengths and how they can improve. 


Our values: Customer oriented, attractive, and proactive. What do they mean to you? 

Our people embody our top values and collaboration and as leaders, we need to give them reason to continue to excel. As leaders we should always be open, approachable, and encourage our team members to share their ideas, and to share their opinions. This helps create a culture of trust in each other and provides recognition and positive feedback. 

We can use PDP (Personal Development Plans) opportunities to open minds and talk through everything to set some goals or targets for everyone, everyone is different, and we need to focus on them. 

How do you see these in practice? 

I think the most important thing is customer orientation. We should know the customer's needs in order to show how we do business, focusing on output and the result. That is why customers buy our services, and that is the value we bring. 

When we can help customers, it makes us more attractive, which is also very important. 
Our customers choose us because we focus on our technology and our quality, along with understanding the risks. 

Also, the third value, proactive, is that we should know and act in advance, understanding needs and risks. We should take proactive steps before we have meetings with customers, we should research and understand the customer, find out how we can help. This proactive mindset means that when we have meetings with customers, they will get the feeling that we really know them. 

When they see that we understand them, we are an attractive choice. So, these three values are important.

Wildcard: If you could offer one piece of advice about anything, what would it be? 

Never forget the fire in your heart, never stop your passion. 

Always keep learning, no matter how much knowledge or how many years of experience you have.

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