A perfect match for polar opposites – the Schiemann siblings

Ambjörn and Anna Schiemann are two siblings that work at Etteplan, Ambjörn as a Software Engineer in Gothenburg and Anna as an HR Specialist in Västerås. It started in March 2021 when Anna started working at Etteplan as an external recruiter, but at the end of her contract her colleagues at Etteplan decided to offer her a full-time role within Etteplan’s HR department. Today Anna works with recruitment, employer branding and other HR projects. During 2021 Ambjörn was finishing his studies and started to look for work in the Gothenburg area. By then, Anna knew what kind of company Etteplan was and thought that it would be a perfect match! She encouraged her brother to apply and the rest is history! So where did it all begin? Sibling story_HR and software engineer

Ambjörn and Anna were young when they were first introduced to the computer. Their father works as a programmer, and they had a computer room in their house. For Ambjörn it was love at first sight, and he started some easy programming at 8 years old. Anna on the other hand had other interests, she liked to be active, and her favorite sports were cheerleading and Mixed Martial Arts. “We are like Yin and Yang, total opposites. But we do have some things in common,” she says and smiles.  

“We play the Tomb Raider games together, but I’m not much of a gamer, so I need some help. We do this thing where Ambjörn takes control of the keyboard, and I am responsible for the mouse” Anna explains. What Ambjörn likes about this set up is that they divide the tasks, communicate, and work together as a team. “I don’t know how many of you have tried this way of playing before, but it is not as easy as it sounds,” he says and laughs. They both agree upon that it has developed their communications skills, their teamwork ability and that it has strengthened their bond and friendship a great deal.  

What Ambjörn finds inspiring about Etteplan, and programming, is that he wants to see what else is possible, what else he can achieve, and in how many ways a problem can be solved. Anna says that what inspires her is the company, the culture, and her coworkers. “I’ve always wanted to work for a company that really values people, society, and the planet. I feel that I 100% can vouch for Etteplan and I am proud to work here with so many smart and amazing colleagues. Etteplan really makes the world a better place, so it is not for nothing that our motto is ‘Engineering with a difference’,” she says.  

In the future Ambjörn wants to expand his skills in software development further and to continue his growth by trying different projects and industries. After that, he would like to see where the road leads him and take it from there. Anna is really interested in working with employee satisfaction, international teamwork, competence development, and diversity & inclusion, which she wants to focus on more in the future. “I’ve already started, and I love working with my national and international colleagues in different teams and projects!” she says.  

“Something that we really appreciate about Etteplan is that there are a lot of people like us, not siblings per se, but people like Ambjörn and people like me, and that’s what makes us special as a company. We have very diverse talents with different backgrounds and that is what makes Etteplan so good!” Anna says.  

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