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For many companies, technical documentation is a necessary evil, and something that is not perceived as a competitive advantage. More often than not, the challenge for companies lies in resources, since technical documentation, such as spare parts books, user and maintenance manuals, are drawn up by design or plant engineers alongside their actual duties. In Etteplan’s view, this does not make sense for the company. We will tell you why.

The value of information in business is growing


Along with digitalization, information is gaining more and more value in companies’ business. Therefore, it does matter how information about your product or asset is documented. Information concerning a product or an asset builds up throughout its life cycle. The higher the quality of documentation at the start of the product development project, the better it can be utilized in the subsequent stages of the product life cycle.

Etteplan’s specialists have in-depth knowledge of how to develop information as a valuable company asset. We will help your company to both create and use information, whether your challenge is to produce a spare parts book for a new product or use existing information in a new cloud solution.


Product and asset information management requires special expertise


The management of technical information and the associated methods require long-term development work and an understanding of design processes and product information needs over the life cycle of the product. This requires investing in the development of expertise, and is not part of machinery and equipment manufacturers’ core competence.

To meet this customer need, we have developed service solutions for the management of technical product and asset information. We offer these services as continued services, allowing customers to focus on their core competence. As our customer, you will also benefit from our method and process expertise: we promise to do the job cost-effectively, without compromising quality.


Good information is costly, but bad information is even more costly


If product or asset information is not up to date and easy to use, its cost impacts may be considerable. According to several studies, maintenance engineers spend 30 per cent of their time searching for the right asset information, such as the as-built drawings, work instructions and maintenance and repair records.

Based on Etteplan’s experience, high-quality management of asset information and documents can help save on average 10 per cent in maintenance and investment costs. It is part of our core competence to help customers tap into these cost savings through high-quality, up-to-date and digitalized processes.


Growing and profitable maintenance business is based on good product information


So you want to raise the utilization rate of your equipment, increase your spare parts sales and improve customer satisfaction? Technical documentation can play a vital role in achieving these goals. By providing your field service engineers with up-to-date and accurate technical service and spare parts information, you can minimize downtime and improve service efficiency, while also driving down costs, as the field service engineers do not need to spend time looking for or updating information.

Whether digital or printed products, or entire spare parts systems, we will help your company transform the standard document-centric approach into one based on user roles and task-specific information. We make use of the latest technology and future-proof methods in our solutions.

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