When it comes to environmental impact, Etteplan punches above its weight

Outi Torniainen, SVP for Marketing and Communications is responsible for developing sustainability at Etteplan.

According to a report published at the Glasgow Climate Change Conference in the fall of 2021, the climate handprint of expert services is significantly larger than the industry’s carbon footprint. This is also true for Etteplan. As our direct impacts are only minor, we can make the greatest difference for the environment by developing our customers’ business operations.

We assessed the overall impact of our operations by means of the Upright net impact model, which is a tool quantifying a company’s net impact on people, the planet, society and knowledge. Based on the assessment, Etteplan’s net impact is highly positive.

Our most significant impact is our impact on society through the jobs we create and the taxes we pay. Through our customer work, we also participate in the development of critical functions in society, for example, in the transport and energy sectors.

We also have an impact by increasing knowledge through the work of our highly educated professionals in all of our service areas.

"Our most significant climate impacts arise through our value chains and customer relationships."

Our climate impacts arise through our value chains and customer relationships. Our own emissions and climate impact are small but, in accordance with the net impact model, we also take on our customers’ climate risks and impacts. Here, the industries our customers operate in are highly significant. A large proportion of our customers operate in sectors such as energy, transport and heavy industry. We engage in important work in these sectors by helping our customers reduce emissions through improving the efficiency of, and optimizing, their operations by, for example, developing services and processes related to renewable energy and resource efficiency. This means that our solutions and innovations can have a positive effect on our customers’ climate impact.

Actions taken and solutions implemented in the engineering industry can have major positive impacts throughout the value chain. With this in mind, I claim that, when it comes to environmental impact, Etteplan punches above its weight.

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