Join free webinar on Simplified Technical Illustrations (STI) on March 28, 2013

Webinar - Date: 28.03.2013
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Join free Etteplan | Tedopres webinar on Simplified Technical Illustrations (STI).

Date: March 28, 2013
Time: 4 PM CET
Duration: 45 min, 15 min Q&A time

HyperSTI - Simplified Technical Illustrations
Simplified Technical Illustrations is a methodology developed by Etteplan | Tedopres to effectively communicate information to a product user and to provide single sourcing for illustrations, which can save considerable time and cost in the creation, management and publication of (technical) illustrations.

HyperSTI ensures optimal reuse of illustrations, by creating illustrations that consist of separate components. These components are structured using XML and are stored in a database. From this database, the separate components can be assembled to form an illustration.

About Etteplan | Tedopres Illustration Services
As a leading innovator in the field of technical illustrations, Etteplan | Tedopres prides itself on more than 39 years of experience in:

  • efficient and cost-effective information deliverables
  • meeting regulatory requirements
  • and committing to technical information standards for illustration (including 3D, exploded views, SVG and XVL)

We believe that illustrations should not only communicate information in a clear and effective way, they should also be created in such a way so they can be reused for multiple applications, including parts catalogs, sales and aftersales, training and e-learning.

About the host
Content quality advocate Berry Braster has managed the implementation of documentation standards, with fortune 500 companies as well as with medium - to small companies over the past 13 years.

About Etteplan | Tedopres
Established in 1974, Etteplan | Tedopres is your one-stop shop for all your technical documentation needs. Our specialization includes controlled authoring (Simplified Technical English), technical translations, technical illustrations and software development to efficiently create, manage and publish technical information.