Etteplan provides the most advanced software tools and technologies in the market for the efficient creation, management and publication of technical product and asset information. With our software, you can be sure that your product’s technical information is top quality, up to date and accessible to the end user, regardless of location.  

Etteplan provides software solutions for producing and distributing technical product and asset information. The software allows you to create content that is reusable, thanks to its structured format. This brings you savings, for instance, in translation costs, while at the same time reducing the lead times of technical documentation. 

HyperSTE – the leading quality assurance software for standardized documentation in English. It helps you ensure compliance with your company’s terminology and style guides.  

HyperDOC– a content management system that produces top-quality documents and brings cost savings and peace of mind to people in charge of technical documentation.  

HyperPARTS – a spare parts catalogue system for creating, distributing and maintaining top quality (spare) parts information to maximize revenues from the service business.  

HyperSIS – a service information system that helps reduce or prevent service and maintenance downtime. The value of the system is based on providing the end user with quality and up-to-date information, whenever and wherever it is needed.  

Our offering: Technical Information Software

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Magnus Pårup

Head of Product Information Technical Communication Solutions
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