functional safety

Ekahau Sidekick – measurement powerhouse for Wi-Fi professionals

Wi-Fi, also known as wireless local area network, is as obvious for us as electricity network and lighting. The tablet, mobile phone and laptop are supposed to provide you with a high-quality web connection when at home, at the office, at industrial sites, at the airport and at a sports stadium of 50 000 spectators. Designing a network functioning flawlessly under all circumstances is a challenge for even the most advanced professionals.

Case Labkotec-Functional safety in ice formation monitoring systems

The formation of ice on wind turbine blades can be a significant risk factor. When this starts to happen, it needs to be immediately reported to the turbine’s monitoring system. Ice can put a strain on the turbine’s machinery. In addition, when it falls off in pieces, it can be dangerous for staff and outsiders and can be hurled up to hundreds of meters.