Yanki Dogan career story

Yanki Dogan: I work with fantastic people and without stress

Yanki Dogan came to Poland from Turkey to study in Białystok as part of the Erasmus program. After meeting some locals, his new friends told him about Wrocław. They introduced the city as a good place for students with an international environment and good character. Yanki finished his Erasmus program in Białystok and soon after he decided to move to Wrocław, where he completed his Master’s degree.

He was hired as an IT Support at a company in Wrocław, but felt that he wanted more opportunity to progress.

Yanki learned about Etteplan from Justyna, HR at Etteplan, who found him on LinkedIn and invited him for an interview. This is how Yanki began his adventure at Etteplan. For the first few months he worked as a Customer Service Support Engineer, and once Yanki settled in, he asked his manager Bartek for a bigger challenge with the goal to work as a Software Developer. The supervisor found a project where he wanted to test Yanki's skills, after handling the task very well, he is now working as a Junior Software Developer in Wrocław, Poland. Yanki is very grateful for the opportunity he got from Bartek.

“At Etteplan, people listen to what you have to say. They also listen to your needs and look for projects that fit your capabilities."

"My competencies are being taken seriously. I was given a real task to do, I proved myself, and now I'm in the position I wanted to be in," Yanki underlines.

He appreciates working at Etteplan for its peace of mind. “I start my day without stress. It was a After just a few weeks, I saw that it was actually calm and thanks to this atmosphere I can better focus on learning and performing," said Yanki.

The international environment and attention to communication are also important for him. “My manager makes sure that everyone speaks English during meetings. I am still learning Polish and do not yet speak the language fluently, but I am working on it," Yanki emphasizes.