Etteplan acquisitions


Acquisitions play a key role in our strategy, our focus is on increasing our competence capital and geographical expansion. 


Year Name of the company Number of acquired personnel Country Link to release
2022 LCA Consulting 11 Finland Click here
2022  Syncore Technologies AB 46 Sweden Click here
2022 Cognitas GmbH 200 Germany Click here
2021 BST Buck Systemtechnik GmbH 30 Germany Click here
2021 Adina Solutions Oy 13 Finland Click here
2021 80 Poland Click here
2021  F.I.T. Fahrzeug Ingenieurtechnik GmbH 15 Germany Click here
2021 TekPartner 19 Denmark Click here
2020 Tegema 100 the Netherlands Click here
2019 Triview Technical Communication BV 30 the Netherlands Click here
2019 Teknifo AB 20 Sweden Click here
2019 Mikoplan Oy 4 Finland Click here
2019 EMP Engineering Alliance 130 Germany Click here
2019 Devex Mekatronik 120 Sweden Click here
2018 Eatech Oy over 100 Finland Click here
2018 Koodain Solutions 11 Finland Click here
2017 Etteplan Vataple Technology Center Ltd n/a China Click here
2017 Sorona Innovations 9 Sweden Click here
2017 SDS Aura 16 Finland Click here
2016 Espotel Oy 330 Finland Click here
2016 Soikea Solutions included in 330 Finland Click here
2016 Suomen Unit Oy 17 Finland Click here
2015 Technical documentation services from arvato AG 35 Germany and the Netherlands Click here
2015 SAV Oy 190 Finland Click here
2014 Elomatic 13 China Click here
2012 Tedopres International BV 85 the Netherlands Click here
2010 Etteplan Vataple Technology Center Ltd n/a China Click here


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