Embedded cyber security – regulatory news update

Webinar - Date: 22.06.2021
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Secure development of devices and software is becoming a regulatory requirement in EU and USA

EU and USA are via “Proposed directive on measures for a high common level of cybersecurity across the Union” (NIS2) and “Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity” taking major leaps forward in turning secure development of devices and software into a regulatory requirement, starting with critical infrastructure.

While EU is via NIS2 widely expanding the scope of critical infrastructure to include all manufacturers of electronical components & products and electrical equipment as Important Entities, EU is also preparing how cyber security compliance assessments will become a part of CE-marking via new and updated regulations including Cyber Security Act, Artificial Intelligence Act, Machinery Products Regulation, Radio Equipment Directive and likely also General Product Safety Directive (proposal for new GPSD expected during Q2/2021). In USA, the recent Executive Order will within one year start to regulate critical software purchased by federal government and define the approach for consumer IoT security regulation.

Join this session to get a concise overview of the most interesting regulatory news over the past 6 months and possible next steps, both from Operational Technology and Consumer IoT perspectives. Also highlights from ETSI Security Week 2021 will be summarized.


  • Recent regulatory developments in EU and USA over past 6 months
  • Possible next steps forward
  • implications for device developers and manufacturers



Antti Tolvanen, Sales Director, Software and Embedded Solutions, Etteplan

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Antti Tolvanen
Antti Tolvanen
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