TOSIHack, Turku 3.2.2018

Event - Date: 03.02.2018
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Tosihack was a security testing event organized by Etteplan, Tosibox and TurkuSec organiza-tion in Turku at Saturday 3.2.2018. The event started at 11.00 and ended around 19.00. 17 hackers joined the event: a team of 4 people from cyber security company 2NS, a team of 4 people from Etteplan, team of 4 from Turku University of Applied Science and 6 freelancers/in-dependent/others. The winner team was 2NS team.

The event was successful: interesting and valuable findings were reported – and clearly people had fun there! And some people get interested about Etteplan and are waiting the next IoT targeted cyber security challenge.


The winner team: team 2NS. The rewards: the latest TOSIBOX Lukko 500 system + Ette rewards: paulig mugs, hats and gloves

Second best team, rewards: PICO USB oscilloscopes by Etteplan

3rd best team, team Etteplan. Rewards: paulig mugs by Etteplan

Team ‘vanhan liiton hakkerit’. 4th best team. Rewards, huge bag of nuts (!), Etteplan hats & gloves.


More information

Harri Susi, cybersecurity expert at Etteplan, Espoo
[email protected]

Arto Kangas, Embedded systems specialist, Etteplan, Turku
[email protected]