Fred Zhao: Fast growing company provides opportunities for development

Fred Zhao: Fast growing company provides opportunities for development

Fred Zhao joined Etteplan as fresh university graduate back in 2009 as a Mechanical Engineer in Etteplan’s Kunshan office, China.  

During the past years, he has been working for many customers and in many interesting projects such as paper machinery, robotics, car manufacturing, lifting and hoisting engineering. Fred has also been doing engineering work at both Etteplan and customer premises, in testing and production workshops and also internationally, in China and Finland. This variety has helped him to continuously learn more and build up his technical foundation in the field of Mechanical Engineering. 

“In addition to the improvement in technical skills, I have also received good opportunities to develop my career. In the past years, my role has changed from Mechanical Engineer to Project Engineer, Project Manager, Team Leader and now to my current role, Department Manager”, Fred says,

”No matter who you are and where you are from, if you are a talented professional and work with passion, you will gain the support and trust from the management and your colleagues.” 

Fred sees that by working at Etteplan, you can work with the international market leaders in different industries, perform different kinds of engineering tasks that fit your own competences and future ambitions:

“Etteplan’s vast customer base can also help you to find your personal interest and direction for future development. As a fast growing company, Etteplan can provide good opportunities for your career development.”