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Digital Twin

The story of how we help our clients accelerate their design and production by real-time simulation.

Digital Twin can bring you

Our clients have a constant need to accelerate their business. New products must be conceptualized, designed, engineered, tested and produced faster than ever before. We are here to help you achieve results faster. Digital Twin has the potential of transforming your business.

Digital Twin is a simulation model of a device or production process. What’s unique about it? It’s a perfect replica of its twin sister (or brother) in terms of all physical and functional attributes including the environment it operates in. With the twin you can operate the product virtually before the decision to manufacture it. By creating a virtual model of a product in the product development or in any phase of the product life cycle you can save costs before deciding on costly investments.

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Digital Twin Accelerates Industrial Change

Meet Iiro, our digital twin specialist

Watch the video where Iiro Aalto explains how this technology has the potential to revolutionize design engineering.

Digital Twin refers to a virtual simulation model created from an industrial machine or device that is capable of producing a virtual twin of the actual machine’s use and behavior in real time. Digital Twin also authentically simulates the product’s natural use environment and work process.

Digital Twin is the answer to industry’s need to accelerate and enhance product development and to reduce product development costs.

When designing a new production line or when the need is to increase automation in an existing production line, a virtual simulation model comes in handy. The engineering and testing of the features of large-scale industrial equipment and production lines, such as machine hydraulics, mechanics and automation, is more cost-effective with Digital Twin, as it enables faults and bottlenecks to be seen at an early stage of product development.

Engineering and testing with Digital Twin typically reduces the costs of the prototype stage by 30 to 50 per cent, and the lead time of the product design by 20 to 30 per cent. The method is especially useful in designing and introducing new generations of products and in managing the full lifecycle of a product.

Etteplan helps customers utilize digital models to design and implement new production and automation solutions. Etteplan’s experts also cooperate with Mevea, a company specializing in real-time simulation software. The joint offering is based on Mevea’s software and Etteplan’s simulation models of the customer’s product. The service is particularly suited for customers, who are manufacturing mobile work machines.

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