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Improve the profitability of your service business with Etteplan's solutions to give your end users the right information at the right time, wherever needed. Etteplan provides a wide range of services to build digital solutions for creating and managing your service information as well as develop comprehensive IoT solutions for your service business.

Industrial equipment manufacturers seek growth in service business and their revenues are affected by the efficiency of the service operations. The cost of service has proven to be high and there are inefficiencies in maintenance processes. For example: a service engineer first needs to go onsite to inspect the problem, order spare parts and then go back a second time to perform the actual maintenance. Research found that it takes a service engineer up to 50% additional time to troubleshoot an issue as maintenance information is either difficult to find, use or understand due low-quality service information in lengthy PDF files.

Make use of data

Through smart industrial Internet solutions manufacturers and service organizations are able to collect, analyze and capitalize on the data gathered from the use of their products: from early problem identification to predictive maintenance. to improve efficiency and competitiveness of the maintenance operations. By connecting the machine data to service information, organizations are able to considerably improve their service business, gain competitive advantage and increase revenues.

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