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Etteplan provides services covering the various stages of ship engineering projects, for new ships and retrofits alike. We know the engineering requirements for cruise ships, ferries, RoPax vessels, cargo ships and tankers, icebreaking vessels and research vessels, and we help customers meet the technical safety requirements and regulations concerning each type of ship.

We take overall responsibility for the engineering project and supply the required complete engineering solutions, including hull, electrical and interior design, FEM calculations and deck equipment.

Our special expertise also includes collision analyses to simulate the damage to the ship if it were to hit an iceberg, for example.

Etteplan has inspected, for example, the classification drawings and FEM calculations, including forced vibration analyses prior to the commissioning of the ship, for Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship built by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

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We meet the stringent requirements for technical documentation in offshore industry

Our technical documentation services meet the requirements of the Shipdex™ Protocol, which was developed to standardize the technical and logistical data within the international shipping community. We support our customers to comply with the Shipdex™ Protocol by technical writing (Simplified Technical English) and technical illustration (Simplified Technical Illustrations) methods as well as advanced information systems and software tools. The value for the customer is based on high-quality data that is easy to manage and reuse across different publications both in print and online.

Our offshore and marine customers 


Our customers include leading offshore, marine and shipbuilding companies, such as Rauma Marine Construction Ltd (RMC), Aker Arctic, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and Meyer Turku, as well as smaller companies serving the shipbuilding industry.

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Viking Line Grace

MS Viking Grace is a cruise ferry constructed at STX Europe Turku Shipyard, Finland for the Finland-based ferry company Viking Line. She is the world's first LNG-fuelled large passenger ship, now running between Turku, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden.


The Offshore Patrol Vessel UVL10 was built for the Finnish Border Guard at STX Finland Oy’s Rauma shipyard in Finland. The ship can be used in all weather and visibility conditions on the Baltic Sea and it is capable of independent long-term operation at extended ranges. The ship hull and its systems have been designed with seaworthiness and operational dependability to ensure functioning capacity under extreme conditions.

S.A. Agulhas II

S. A. Agulhas II is an ice breaking polar supply and research ship built in 2012 by STX Finland Rauma shipyard in Rauma, Finland. S. A. Agulhas II was designed from the beginning to carry out both scientific research and supply South African research stations in the Antarctic.


Multidisciplinary Fisheries Research Vessel

Deep-sea fisheries and multidisciplinary research vessels are used to collect information on fish stocks and their living environment. The vessels are capable of performing different types of research tasks necessary for the sustainability of fish stocks and the marine environment.

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