Madhuri Satla career story

Madhuri Satla: Coming back stronger

Madhuri Satla is currently a Software Testing Engineer based in Espoo, Finland. Madhuri was approached by Etteplan and is now working as a test developer on a project for one of our major clients doing testing and automation. Having moved from India and raising her two children she joined us in November 2021, starting off as a manual tester where she could gain domain knowledge until ready to tackle automation.

Being able to work in a team is an important part of software testing, Madhuri explains that there are often multiple ongoing projects. “I’m working in two different teams at the moment, my main team focuses on release testing, and a project team for test automation using robot framework. My main projects being release testing which is improving the use of test cases using C#, and Robot.” Madhuri describes the Robot Framework as one of the most interesting projects that she has worked on so far, something she has also been working with in a previous role.

“I made the test automation setup using the Robot Framework for single chip targets – these are some of the accomplishments that I am most proud of.”

Getting to utilize a strong skillset, successes within projects, and her team are what make Madhuri take pride in her work.

Madhuri describes all of her teammates as very experienced and knowledgeable, both on the technical and domain sides – but still down to earth. With a web application background to now working on electrical embedded devices was a complete contrast to Madhuri. Thankfully, her team has helped her gain more knowledge, and feel comfortable, and motivated to keep learning and training.

Feeling appreciated by her supervisor and team leads gives Madhuri a sense of achievement in her accomplishments so far and had continued to solidify her decision to return to work.

“I’m always so grateful for my team lead taking a chance on me, I know that it can be difficult take someone on that has been on a six-year maternity gap. Like me, there are so many mothers that would like to start their career again.”

Madhuri’s supervisor proved her otherwise because they saw her potential.

Recently two trainees joined the team and Madhuri was asked to be a mentor for them, and now after a short time they are also able to execute test cases using the robot framework independently. “My supervisor at Etteplan and the Team lead had decided that I would be the right candidate for being a mentor, and I have enjoyed it so far.”

“I do see a future at Etteplan” Madhuri states, “my manager and I have regular check-ins to make sure that I am happy in my work.” Etteplan is such an international company with many different customers in different domains, meaning that there is room and opportunity to grow.

“One of my favorite things about Etteplan is the company culture, and their attention to development. There are training and development opportunities which are good for someone like me who has had a longer career break.”

Another part of the culture that Madhuri has enjoyed is the social aspect, especially the annual EtteplanGO! movement challenge which happens every year just before the summer. Balancing two children and full-time work had left self-care on the back burner, “this program motivated me to focus on myself too and have continued to do so even after the challenge. I am spending more time with my family and friends which is very important to me.” Also, the employee benefit cultural coupons have given me a chance to spend more time with my family and friends and watch Indian Bollywood, regional movies here in Finland.