Etteplan at CIDM DITA Europe 2017 on October 30-31, 2017 in Berlin, Germany

Evenement - Datum: 30.10.2017
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October 30-31, 2017, Berlin, Germany


At CIDM DITA Etteplan will discuss how to implement DITA in manufacturing.

Etteplan implements Darwin Information Typing Architecture or Document Information Typing Architecture( DITA), an XML data model for authoring and publishing, for the machinery manufacturing industry. Thanks to a content model we were able to implement DITA quickly with great results. In addition to DITA, our model also contains Simplified Technical English and our unique way of applying DITA structure and simplification for illustrations, resulting in multiple format outputs, including A4, A5, letter PDFs, in up to 28 languages.

During this presentation we will show our approach as well as a number of case studies on how we were able to successfully implement DITA for over 30 projects / customers in various manufacturing industries and countries, including Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

About the presenter:

Pim Bekker is a Senior Solution Architect and has been with Etteplan for over 16 years, managing various DITA implementations.


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