Outi Holmberg career story

Outi Holmberg: Sharing aspirations, inviting opportunities

Outi Holmberg is a Service Manager in ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) based in Tampere, Finland. After having previously worked on a project with Etteplan, she then applied for a job and started working at Etteplan in 2019.  

Outi’s experience in the service manager role and its versatility, working in multiple teams simultaneously is not an easy feat, but Outi takes on the challenge with stride.

“Working in ALM is always exciting, your role changes according to each project – no two days are alike."

Having worked as a service manager for the last two years at Etteplan, Outi shares that while the practices remain consistent, she must also be adaptable, flexible, and evolve according to the challenge.  “People in ALM are super talented and motivating, all with different areas of expertise which is an invaluable asset for a team that specializes in tackling complex issues. Although our core responsibilities are similar, we can support each other’s work and successes because of our different competences.” 

In Outi’s role it’s important to know the organization and competences, knowing the correct person for the task at hand. Understanding how to utilize resources efficiently is what makes Outi excel in her role. Not only has building such an extensive network been important for the purpose of work, but it also contributed to building a supportive and enjoyable environment for herself and others. “Etteplan is a big company and we have so many talented people, and because we cover so many competences there is always great insight available.” Being a part of the offices’ wellbeing team has also been an opportunity for Outi to network on the social side of work, “we organize the summer parties, Christmas parties, and other fun events.” 

Taking on new projects continues to diversify Outi’s experiences.  Along with her main role, Outi is also involved in many other projects, including Salesforce implementation projects, such as adopting Salesforce Service Cloud ticketing systems for internal teams. “When I joined the Salesforce team, I was able to utilize the knowledge and skills that I gained from my previous roles and jobs.”  

The balance between ALM as well as project management for implementation has been a positive experience and one that has kept Outi engaged and interested in both of her roles.  

“I ended up on the Salesforce project by talking with my supervisor about my interests and future plans at Etteplan. I am glad that there are so many opportunities and I would courage people to share their aspirations, because you never know what opportunities may come!”    

As well as the support she received within the organization, Outi’s experience with the work-life balance has also been positive, “I have two kids myself and working from home has allowed me to be more available for my family, and myself.” As an active person Outi has been able to pursue new challenges both with her family as well as independently.