Elite Alfred Berg’s website upgrade boosts customer satisfaction: The number of ‘excellent’ customer ratings almost tripled

Elite Alfred Berg is an expert in investments that helps private individuals, professional investors and companies in Finland manage their assets comprehensively, systematically, and responsibly. More than 10,000 customers rely on our services to manage assets worth EUR nearly 4 billion. They collaborate in portfolio management with Alfred Berg Norway and Sweden. Their combined customer assets in the Nordic countries amount to more than EUR 15 billion. As the leading provider of personnel funds in Finland, they serve 95,000 personnel fund members. Their customers are served by more than 100 investment professionals in 13 locations around Finland.

The website is an important communication channel for Elite Alfred Berg. Unfortunately, the old website no longer served the needs of Elite Alfred Berg and its customers in the desired way. As a frontrunner in digitalization for asset management services, Elite Alfred Berg wanted to update its website into a seamless, clear, intuitive, and uniform user experience.

The aim of this redesign project was to update the company’s website to a solution that is easy to update and develop further.

Etteplan was chosen as the supplier for the project due to a long and productive history with Elite Alfred Berg in developing quality digital solution. In addition, Etteplan was able to produce the required competences in webpage development.

In-depth understanding of Elite Alfred Berg’s business enabled Etteplan to provide a customized solution

Etteplan implemented a web page update project that included service design and a software project which followed the model of previous collaborative projects between Elite Alfred Berg and Etteplan. From the start, Etteplan experts wanted to gain a throughout understanding of Elite Alfred Berg’s business environment. This culminated in a pre-study of the company’s customers, competitors and other stakeholders which guided how the solution was ultimately designed.

The updated website not only delivers a seamless, uniform, and smooth user-experience, but also strengthen Elite Alfred Berg’s brand with better visibility and a fresh visual look. The design of the page communicates the company’s brand image and values such as sustainability.

The right stack to enable Elite Alfred Berg’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

To enable Elite Alfred Berg’s Digital Experience Platform (DPX), the best fitting technologies were used for the site including Gatsby for static-site generation, Contentful for headless CMS, Elasticsearch for search engine, and Microsoft Azure for hosting. The same stack is often used to implement large online services.

“The benefit of such a stack is that the same content data can be used in all of the company’s digital channels,” elaborates Mikko Viskari, Head of Technology, Cloud & Applications at Etteplan. “Another major benefit is the excellent user experience, as the website has virtually no page load. The site works very fast because the pages are generated as static HTML pages.”

The number of ‘excellent’ ratings for the website almost tripled

The new website represents a strengthened brand image for Elite Alfred Berg with its modern, efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly design. Compared to the previous solution, the user-experience of Elite Alfred Berg’s website has improved significantly. The amount of ‘excellent’ customer ratings almost tripled after the website update. In addition, internal usage has improved as well from ease of use, development, and content updates.  

“The cooperation with Etteplan in the design of our new website went very well. Etteplan's designer was able to take into account our many wishes for the visual appearance of the pages, for example. As a result, we received a fresh and clear website that supports our brand. The users of our website are also satisfied with the clarity of the pages and the discoverability of the information”, says Heidi Jääskeläinen, Communications Managers at Elite Alfred Berg.

Elite Alfred Berg and Etteplan will continue their cooperative partnership in digital solutions. The next step for the website project is the reform of the online service.

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