Etteplan’s experts supporting Kalmar’s operations on multiple fronts

Kalmar offers the widest range of cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centers and to heavy industry. Kalmar is the industry forerunner in terminal automation and in energy efficient container handling, with one in four container movements around the globe being handled by a Kalmar solution. Through its extensive product portfolio, global service network and ability to enable a seamless integration of different terminal processes, Kalmar improves the efficiency of every move.

Kalmar is developing their automated harbor offering which includes autonomous working machines. The company needed a partner who was able to provide diverse competences and resources in different domains. These domains included quality assurance, robot framework and automation safety Programmable Control Logic (PLC). Etteplan was chosen as a partner due to our deep and wide domain expertise, our history with Kalmar and our proximity to Kalmar’s locations.

Test automation, safety PLC and control systems

There are about 20 Etteplan experts working at Kalmar in the area of test automation, safety PLC and control systems. These experts are working within Kalmar’s organization. Kalmar’s positive working culture combined with Etteplan’s experienced experts has created a productive working process. From the point of view of software development, Kalmar’s big system requires good communication between their and Etteplan’s experts.

“Kalmar has a good programming culture. Their employees have taken us in and been very helpful with getting us set up the best way they can,” comments Elina Lukkarinen, Software Designer from Etteplan. “You can only distinguish Etteplan’s experts from Kalmar’s by our email,” seconds Saara Sassi, SW Test Engineer from Etteplan.

Benefits to Kalmar

With the support of Etteplan’s experts Kalmar can test new software versions and publish them at a faster pace and within their schedule. Cooperation also allows for constant development especially with the help of test automation. Kalmar has been able to flexibly acquire new developers, testing experts and other development expertise from Etteplan. The team has grown fast which is a good sign of well-functioning cooperation and building of trust between the companies.

Furthermore, receiving project oriented and capable professionals from Etteplan’s deep pool of development experts has allowed Kalmar to concentrate more on their core business. Getting experts from a variety of domains from under the same roof is also cost-effective for Kalmar. Etteplan can truly offer turnkey developers with the necessary tools at a short notice.

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